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About Accurate Abstracting

Work with Louisiana's Best Title Abstracting Company

Who We Are

Accurate Abstracting is a professional title abstracting services company that provides title search services covering the entire State of Louisiana for real estate agents, title attorneys, lenders and insurers. Accurate also performs title work used in federal and state programs in Louisiana.

Why choose Accurate Abstracting for your title search needs? Our team is comprised of experienced professionals including title attorneys and abstractors with decades of experience not only as abstractors, but many as notaries and real estate agents. This educational background combined with real-world experience means you're getting title research from highly trained individuals who understand your needs as a real estate industry professional, what makes a great abstract and how accuracy and time are of the essence when searching title. 

Our Mission

Accurate Abstracting is committed to providing accurate and timely title searches that are easy to use and lead our customers to the positive outcomes that they desire in their transactions.

Our Vision

We want the title search process to feel effortless and easy for our clients. We aim to be the team that you can always count on to get the job done professionally, quickly and correctly.

Our Approach

Continuous improvement through education and innovation, adoption of the latest technology to maximize efficiency, dedication to providing a superior product and constant commitment to customer service.  




What We Value

Our Guiding Principles

We hold our company’s moral values in high regard to establish our teams behaviors and decision-making processes. These guiding principles are key elements of our duties in our organization. 

THE OUTCOME: The outcome is the most important part of the journey. Following guiding principles that keep the goal in focus and filtering out the “noise” keeps projects on track to deliver accurate on-time products.

THE PURSUIT: A project should only be pursued if it’s supported by a well-reasoned business case.

OUR PEOPLE: People are the most important part of our business. We value long-term relationships with our team, with clients and with our community. 

100% TRANSPARENCY: Transparency is of high importance to us. Our clients should always know exactly what they will receive and be able to easily track orders at every step of the process. 

ENJOYMENT & SUSTAINABILITY:  Having fun while getting things done in order to make the process more enjoyable and sustainable.

ELEGANCE & SIMPLICTY:  Elegance and simplicity are valuable principles in the production of creative, efficient, and sincere work. 

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